My life journey has landed me in a predicament where I need representation that will fight for my life. For first impressions Mr. Marsden has my vote. Knowadgeable, professsional and gave me the feeling that he had my back. Stay tuned for the verdict.

Bryce Muir

Best of the best!

Austin Mckenzie

Mr. Marsden defended me with such consideration and care in regard to what I was going through. He let me know I was in control, and he was there to support me no matter what decisions I made regarding my case. His main concern was making sure I was happy, and adequately represented through every step. I cant express enough the peace of mind this gave me during a stressful, and emotional time. Very Appreciative!


February 17, 2017

This review refers to 3 cases that Brian Marsden took care of for me back in 2003. I was arrested 3 times within a month for serious offenses. I hired Brian for the fed case only {1 of the 3}.

I couldn't of hired a better attorney. He handled all 3 cases, running them all concurrent into my fed charge. Don't ask me how he did it but in court he is a firdt contender. He works with people and their families. He never once left me in the dark. I love you Brian


October 24, 2016

I have used Mr. Brian Marsden as a criminal defense attorney twice over the last five years. He is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, affordable and HE GETS RESULTS! I highly recommend Brian to represent any individual who has a criminal court case where they need professional representation. He answered all of my questions, returned every phone call, reviewed my case with me in great detail and unraveled an incredibly complicated case with the end result in my favor. This guy will fight hard for you and with you! A Phenomenal attorney.


June 16, 2016

I was charged with a crime of which I was innocent of, in Ramsey county, back in 2001. I was really scared and I didn't understand so well how the system worked. Brian represented me for a really reasonable fee, and got the charges dismissed. The thing that was most comforting about him as a lawyer was that he made sure that I understood everything that was happening. He always returned my calls right away and he definitely knew what he was talking ab out. I really recommend him. I refer him to any friend who needs a lawyer, hands down.


January 23, 2013