A Drug Conviction Has Serious Consequences

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Don't let a drug charge derail your life. Avoid the harsh penalties of a drug crime conviction with a trusted drug crime attorney by your side. Marsden Criminal Defense focuses on drug defense. Brian Marsden works on drug crime cases of all types, including drug possession cases.

Talk to a drug possession lawyer in St. Paul, MN today if you've been charged with the possession of a controlled or illegal substance, such as:

  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine / Ice
  • Ecstasy / Molly
  • Crack / Cocaine
  • Xanax and other perscription drugs
  • Marijuana

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Work with a compassionate attorney

Work with a compassionate attorney

Lean on Marsden Criminal Defense for legal support if you've been charged with a drug crime. Brian Marsden strongly believes that those charged with drug offenses need treatment and compassion-not jail. That's why he became a drug crime attorney in St. Paul, MN. He'll approach your case with care and work hard to build a strong defense.

He has the experience to mount an aggressive and effective defense, to target and suppress the evidence itself.  He prides himseld on maximizing his client’s chances by focusing with precision on the facts necessary to win.  In addition to challenging warrants, informants, police procedures and other matters, it may be advisable for a client to enter chemical dependency treatment.  Acknowledging you have a problem by taking the steps to deal with it, will always have a beneficial impact on your case.

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Your Constitutional Rights

In every drug charge case, there is a point where the police begin to focus on the accused.  At that point, your rights must be protected.  The Constitution protects you against “unreasonable searches and seizures.”  The Constitution also requires that warrants shall only issue upon “probable cause.”
You may be asking what is an “unreasonable search or seizure?”  What is “probable cause?”
The answers to those questions lie in thousands upon thousands of court cases that have defined and interpreted the scope and limits of police authority to search, seize, and to arrest.  The law in these areas is filled with subtlety and nuance.
He has practiced in the area of criminal law for 25+ years.  He knows what is needed to have a warrant declared illegal, or to have a search or a seizure declared void.  You suppress the evidence, generally, you win the case.  This is important, because in many cases the best defense is to get the court to throw out the evidence before trial.