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When you need legal support in St. Paul, MN, work with a criminal lawyer you can trust. Marsden Criminal Defense is here for you. Brian Marsden's experience makes him an excellent choice when you need legal advice. He's resolved a number of cases, and he's not afraid to fight for you in court.

Being arrested by the police can be overwhelming and frightening. With the sudden loss of freedom, comes the fear of not knowing what will happen next. Sometimes, you will be release with charges pending. Sometimes you will be released on bail. Mr. Marsden's primary goal is to get you out and relieve fear and anxiety thru humor, compassion and the information necessary to eliminate uncertainty to ensure the best outcome possible.
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Take a closer look at Brian Marsden's qualifications

Take a closer look at Brian Marsden's qualifications

32 years of helping Minnesotans accused of crimes

Brian Marsden has been practicing as a criminal defense lawyer for nearly 33 years. He received his B.A. from the University of Minnesota in 1986 and his J.D. from the William Mitchel College of Law in 1991.
Experience brings with it knowledge and skill; the tact to devise the right strategy to win your case. That experience and the reputation that comes with it, allows Marsden Criminal Defense to cut to a favorable outcome through settlement or trial.

Brian Marsden is also a member of:

  • The Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA)
  • The American Bar Association (ABA)
  • The Ramsey County Bar Association
  • The Washington County Bar Association
  • The Dakota County Bar Association
  • The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)
  • The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL)
  • The Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MACDL)
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

You Have Rights, But You Have To Fight For Them

Whether you are a citizen or an illegal immigrant, rich or poor, young or old, you are entitled to the same constitutional protections. It is for this reason that the Bill of Rights is the greatest embodiment of protections against the Government anywhere to be found in in the world.
These rights include the Right:

  • To Remain Silent
  • To Be Presumed Innocent
  • To Confront Your Accuser
  • To Challenge Evidence Obtained Bu Unreasonable Means

These rights have real consequences. For example, a judge can suppress evidence obtained in violation of your rights to set you free. The police have a duty to gather evidence and investigate crimes in a lawful manner consistent with the Minnesota and United States' Constitutions.Marsden Criminal Defense makes sure your constitutional rights are protected. If they aren't, Mr. Marsden will bring a motion to suppress any evidence obtained illegally as fruit of the poisonous vine.

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